Reports and disclosures

Wholesale credit ratings

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited's credit rating information is restricted to viewing by wholesale clients only.

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited's wholesale credit ratings are as follows:




Standard & Poor's          A-2  BBB  Stable
Moody's   P-2  Baa1  Stable


On 19 December 2019 Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services affirmed their ratings for Teachers Mutual Bank Limited.

Standard & Poor's (Australia) Pty. Ltd. holds Australian financial services licence number 337565 under the Corporations Act 2001. Standard & Poor's credit ratings and related research are not intended for and must not be distributed to any person in Australia other than a wholesale client (as defined in Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act). 

Wholesale credit ratings are statements of opinion and not statements of fact or recommendations to purchase, sell or hold any securities. Wholesale credit ratings are subject to change. For the latest wholesale credit ratings information please refer to Standard & Poor's website

On 13 December 2019 Moody’s Investors Service affirmed their ratings for Teachers Mutual Bank Limited.

Moody’s Investors Service Pty Limited ABN 61 003 399 657 AFSL 336969. This rating is intended to be provided only to “wholesale clients” within the meaning of section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001. MOODY’S credit rating is an opinion as to the creditworthiness of a debt obligation of the issuer, not on the equity securities of the issuer or any form of security that is available to retail clients. It would be dangerous for “retail clients” to make any investment decision based on MOODY’S credit rating. If in doubt you should contact your financial or other professional adviser. For the latest credit ratings information please refer to Moody's website.