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30,635 children trained in financial literacy in Cambodia

We have just released the 2016-2021 report on our partnership with Australian NFP Cufa, to educate Cambodian children in financial literacy. Despite the ongoing COVID pandemic, the program continues to be a success. In the past year more than 6,000 Cambodian children have been educated and 162 teachers trained. 

Over the five years of our involvement we have invested $284,000 in the program, creating $8 of social on value for every dollar we invested. This means our involvement in the program has created more than $2.5 million worth of social value since 2016. 

Since 2016, our investment has resulted in:

  • 30,635 children trained in financial literacy
  • 87 schools and 1,999 homes visited
  • 670 teachers trained
  • 17,000 children have opened savings accounts

Read more in Cufa’s 9-page report.