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Socially responsible banking at Teachers Mutual Bank Limited.

Updated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy published

30 September 2021

Version 11 of our CSR Policy sets out our framework to be a Socially Responsible Bank. It shows how we deliver on our responsibilities and commitments across 184 actions. 

It encompasses:

  • Our purpose, mission and values – what we do and why we exist 
  • Our culture and history – how we do things and have done so for over 50 years 
  • Our legal structure, as set out in our Constitution 
  • Our business model of mutual banking
  • Our policies, practises and procedures - how things get done 
  • Our support for people, community and society 

By using the term Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) in the 34 page document, this encompasses our ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities and is the basis of being a Socially Responsible Bank.

Access the policy here: sustainability-policy.ashx (