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Bank partnership educates 24,000+ Cambodian children in finance

5 April 2021

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited has released the 2016-2020 report on its partnership with Australian NFP Cufa. The Bank has partnered with Cufa since 2013, working together to enhance the financial literacy of Cambodian children affected by poverty. The latest report shows that the Program continues to be a success, tangibly improving the lives and financial futures of some of Cambodia’s poorest citizens.  

In the past four years, the Bank has invested $234,000 in the Program, generating nearly $1.9 million worth of social value for a total investment impact of over $2 million. 

The Program has also: 

  • Trained 24,000 children in financial literacy 
  • Visited 70 schools and 1,500 homes
  • Trained more than 500 teachers
  • Resulted in more than 14,000 children opening savings accounts (60%)

Read more about the Children’s Financial Literacy Program in the report

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