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Teachers Mutual and Australian Catholic University (ACU) join forces in an ethics and value-driven partnership

March 22: The partnership involves a three-year collaboration program around scholarships, promotion of diversity and inclusion, guest lectures in areas such as cybersecurity, ethical banking or budgeting, opportunities for student internships and work placement, innovation, and translational research projects towards ethical and positive societal impact.

Steve James, CEO of Teachers Mutual Bank Limited said: 

“As a bank where social responsibility drives everything we do, Teachers Mutual Bank Limited has a deep value alignment with the Australian Catholic University and we are looking forward to what we can achieve together.”

ACU boasts a diverse and innovative research profile with a focus on solving real world issues and delivering economic growth and social benefits for the communities it serves. The university is ranked in the top 50 universities in the world for education, nursing and sport science and is a leading research institution in areas aligned with ACU’s mission.

Professor Zlatko Skrbis, ACU Vice-Chancellor and President said:

“ACU’s strategic vision of hope, faith and reason through opportunity, innovation and ethics, aligns with Teachers Mutual Bank Limited’s focus on social responsibility, when looking after the banking needs of essential workers, many of whom have trained at ACU.” 

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