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Social impact report on Children’s Financial Literacy Program in Cambodia: 37,000 children reached, $3 million of social ROI measured

Established as a development agency and bank Partnership, the Children’s Financial Literacy (CFL) program was developed and is run by Cufa, an NGO that has been operating in Cambodia and Myanmar for the past decade.

Cufa is sponsored by DFAT through their Australian NGO Cooperation (ANCP) and since 2016 Teachers Mutual Bank Limited has financially supported two thirds of the program.  

Social impact results from seven years funding of Cufa Children's Financial Literacy program project include:

  • 36,845 children received financial literacy training,
  • 19,507 children started saving,
  • 809 teachers joined 89 teacher workshops,
  • 2,361 financial literacy lesson held in 107 schools,
  • 2,372 home visits to 7,081 people conducted,
  • Total Social Return on Investment (SROI) is $2,961,000 from a cash investment of $329,000.

Access the report here