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Australian Sustainable Finance Institute (ASFI) spotlights Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL) as the Case Study for embedding sustainability in organisational leadership and practice

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL) can stand proudly having been highlighted in the Australian Sustainable Finance Progress Tracker Second report on implementation of the Australian Sustainable Finance Roadmap.

The report, released on 28 October, 2022 at the inaugural Australian Sustainable Finance Summit attracted  interest from the more than 250 attendees

The Summit featured leading international and Australian speakers who discussed where sustainable finance markets, policy and regulation and best practice for financial institutions is heading, and brought together different parts of the finance sector to drive the agenda.

TMBL was represented on the leadership panel by Head of Socially Responsible Banking, Corin Millais who shared his insights on ‘Embedding Sustainability into Leadership’ as one of the four key report recommendations, that ‘Sustainability should be led from the top of FIs and mainstreamed through the business’ purpose, strategy, risk management framework, remuneration structures and organisational culture.’


  • The Australian Sustainable Finance Institute’s (ASFI) mission is to align the Australian financial system with a sustainable, resilient and inclusive Australia.
  • ASFI’s creation followed an unprecedented collaborative effort by 140 representatives from across the Australian finance sector, civil society, academia, financial regulators and Government to create the Australian Sustainable Finance Roadmap. Released in November 2020, the Roadmap sets out 37 recommendations to realign the Australian financial system by 2030, to support a more resilient, sustainable and prosperous future for all Australians.
  • ASFI was established in July 2021 to coordinate and drive Roadmap implementation. 
  • TMBL is  one of three mutual banks that contributed and helped form the recommendations.
  • The commitment to build the Roadmap was made at the 2018 United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) conference on Financing a Resilient and Sustainable Economy in Sydney, where the TMBL was invited to speak on the panel discussing sustainable banking practise across the banking sector.

For more information please visit the ASFI website.