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Teachers Mutual Bank Limited’s top 20 FY22 social responsibility achievements

  1. Became a Certified B Corporation or B Corp, 1 of 42 banks and mutuals globally. B Corps are global leaders in using business as a force for good and meet high standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.
  2. Named One of World’s Most Ethical Companies for the 9th year running, 1 of 5 banks and 1 of 136 companies.
  3. Launched our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) with 39 actions – our first formal step on our reconciliation journey.
  4. Named Green Bank of the Year 2022 in the Finder Green Awards.
  5. The only bank named as a Responsible Investment Leader by RIAA (Responsible Investment Association of Australasia) for the 2nd year in a row
  6. Remained the only Australian bank with retail deposits, mortgages, and wholesale funding all certified by RIAA as Responsible Investment – 98% of all products sold 
  7. Reached $10.8 billion of RIAA Certified products on the balance sheet 30% increase ($2.5 billion) from $8.3 billion. This is $5 billion of assets (47.6%) and $5.8 billion of liabilities (59%).
  8. Ranked 13th in Top 20 ‘Australia’s Best Workplaces to Give Back’ in 2021.
  9. 44% Board and Executive are female; the ASX200 average is 35%. 
  10. Updated our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Exclusions Policy and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy
  11. Mapped out targets to 13 of the 17 SDGs (UN Sustainable Development goals)
  12. Partnered with Australian Ethical to launch the RIAA report “From Values to Riches 2022: Charting consumer demand for responsible investing in Australia”.
  13. Direct community Investment of $1,034,000, 3.2% of NPAT 5.3 times the largest four banks.
  14. Donated $100,000 to communities affected by severe flooding in NSW and Queensland, distributed to 13 organisations across education, healthcare and emergency services.
  15. Staff undertook 150 hours of volunteering, including making 71 blood and plasma donations to the Australian Red Cross, saving up to 210 lives.
  16. Finity was appointed to provide a range of climate risk advisory services for Strategic Risk, our Risk Management Strategy (RMS) and Risk Appetite Statement (RAS). 
  17. Net zero and carbon neutral for Scope 1 (vehicle fuel and natural gas) and Scope 2 (electricity) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  18. 100% power is sourced from renewables (99% from green power and our own solar PV).
  19. 100% paper is sourced from FSC or PEFC. Paper consumption cut by 62% to 12.4 tonnes.
  20. 6.4% of Business Support Purchases are sourced from Supply Nation Certified products.

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