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Teachers Mutual Bank Limited publishes updated ESG Exclusions Policy

ESG exclusions and policies apply to 100% of lending and investment, and 100% of Assets and Liabilities, across the whole balance sheet, and 100% of all ‘non-individual’ Company Pty applications.

ESG exclusions are embedded in our lending and investment practices, in our Board approved Lending Risk, Treasury Credit Risk, Wholesale funding and Risk Appetite policies.

ESG exclusions apply to 12 industries, including Alcohol, Gambling, Fossil Fuels, Tobacco, and ‘Industries that create environmental degradation, human rights abuses and labour rights violations’.

What this means

  • Specifically this means that we don’t directly invest in, or take money from, the fossil fuel industry – across our total balance sheet.
  • We invest our member’s money responsibly and ethically.
  • We don’t directly invest in or lend money to industries that pollute the planet, and the money borrowed from us is not sourced from polluting industries.

More information:

TMBL ESG Exclusions Policy