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RIAA re-Certifies all Teachers Mutual Bank Limited’s wholesale and retail Responsible Investment Products

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited has successfully achieved RIAA re-certification of its wholesale and retail investment products for two years until August 2025

This means, every single retail mortgage, deposit product and wholesale product sold by the Bank across its five brands is Certified by RIAA as Responsible Investment – this represents 98% of all products sold.

Any wholesale investor in the Bank is guaranteed that their investment of wholesale products is a Certified Responsible Investment at zero extra cost.

Any consumer buying any retail mortgage, or deposit product sold by our five brands is guaranteed that this is a Certified Responsible Investment at zero extra cost.

About RIAA certification - independent, third party verification, certification

  • RIAA’s Responsible Investment Certification Program is the leading initiative for distinguishing quality responsible, ethical and impact investment products and services in Australia and New Zealand.
  • RIAA’s Responsible Investment Certification Symbol is used to differentiate quality, true-to-label responsible investment products which meet the Responsible Investment Standard. 
  • Products bearing RIAA’s Certification Symbol have been assessed as credible responsible investments. They systematically account for environmental, social and governance factors along with demonstrating a rigorous, transparent approach and organisational commitment to responsible investing.
  • RIAA’s Certification Program is the longest running responsible investment program in the world. It’s Certification Symbol is a Registered Trademark, owned and managed by RIAA.
  • All Certified products are found on the Responsible Returns website which ‘helps you find responsible or ethical banking, superannuation and investment products matching your values and interests’.

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