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TMBL publishes mandatory Sustainability and ESG Supplier Questionnaire

The Sustainability and ESG Supplier Questionnaire is formally embedded and mandated in our Vendor Governance Framework and Vendor Governance Policy.

The two policies are designed to assist in the management of the Bank’s supply chain - including vendors, third parties, and partners, related contracts, performance, relationships and risks at the Bank, with the aim to standardise and centralise processes. Additionally, the Supplier Questionnaire is a tool to assist the Bank to identify, assess and mitigate modern slavery risks in supply chains and operations, as defined under Australia’s Modern Slavery Act (Cth) 2018.

Survey questions:

  1. Does your organisation have policies in place regarding the following Sustainability and ESG elements? Sustainability/ESG, Ethical sourcing, Climate change, Indigenous/reconciliation, Gender and diversity
  2. What is the Governance and decision framework your organisation applies for Sustainability and ESG issues?
  3. For the above policy areas, where relevant, please supply details of how policies are put into practise
  4. Does your company have any certifications, external verification, or audits or have you won any awards related to your practices in these areas?
  5. Is your company doing anything specific to support workers in the health, education or firefighting communities, and their industry? If so, please provide details.
  6. What is your organisation’s GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions footprint (e.g. Scope1/2/3, Emissions intensity, by assets (tCO2-e / $ million) or units (tCO2-e / product unit)?
  7. For the proposed services and products supplied to the Bank what is the GHG emissions footprint (e.g. tCO2-e / $ million)?
  8. What is the extent of your business dealings with the fossil fuel industry (e.g. as % of turnover)?

More information:

TMBL Sustainability and ESG Supply Chain and Questionnaire