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TMBL named Winner in the 2024 National Banksia Large Business Sustainability awards

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited has been named the winner of the 35th National Banksia Sustainability Awards.

The Bank was recognised as the winner in the Large Business Sustainable Leadership category. This award category celebrates exceptional commitment and achievements in integrating sustainable practices across its operations (including governance).

About the Banksia Awards

The National Banksia Sustainability Awards celebrate the visionaries who are reshaping industries, redefining best practices, and paving the way for a future where sustainability is deeply ingrained in our societal fabric.

The Awards shine a spotlight on the remarkable accomplishments of individuals, organisations, and communities across the nation who have displayed unwavering passion, true leadership and a clear commitment to excellence in sustainability practices.

The Large Business Sustainable Leadership Award sets ambitious sustainability goals, implements innovative strategies, engages stakeholders, reduces environmental impact, promotes social responsibility, and contributes to a more sustainable future working towards its SDG targets.

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