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TMBL’s Top 20 Social Responsibility Results in Calendar year 2023

Our results demonstrate our continuous commitment to socially responsible leadership in Australia and globally.

1. Third consecutive year to be the only bank named by RIAA as a Responsible Investment (RI) leader, under increasingly rigorous global standards, within a $1.5 trillion RI market.

2. TMBL ranked 11th out of 54 RI leaders. The Bank’s score increased to 91.5% from 82.5% the average is 51.5%.

3. Recertified all RIAA retail deposits, mortgages, and wholesale funding, certified by RIAA as Responsible Investment – 98% of all products sold, at zero cost to the consumer or wholesale investor.

4. Grew to $12.3 billion of RIAA Certified products on the balance sheet – assets (53% of assets and 66% of liabilities).

5. Strengthened our ESG Exclusions policies

6. Named Finalist in the Finance for the Future global awards for ‘Moving Financial Markets – large organisations’, alongside Aviva Investors, CDPQ, Moody’s, Santander Brasil worth $1.7 trillion.

7. Announced a $2 million investment in the Bank’s new policy of a 100% EV corporate car fleet by 2027.

8. EV spend more than doubles the Bank’s previous climate investment. The $2 million investment in EVs only for six years (2022-2027) is 250% higher than that of the six years prior (2016-2021), $0.8m for all climate reduction technologies (PVs, EVs LEDs, energy efficiency).

9. Recognised by Financial Times as one of the top tier Climate Leaders in Asia-Pacific 2023.

10. Awarded Fossil-Free Certification by independent NGO Bank Green.

11. 1 of 49 Certified B Corp banks worldwide that are ‘global leaders in using business as a force for good’.

12. Named One of World’s Most Ethical Companies for the 10th year running, 1 of 5 banks and 1 of 136 companies.

13. Released our 45 page Banking for Good that explains ‘can banks be a force for good?

14. Aligned our Annual Report around B Corp 5 pillars, 27 goals and 38 metrics to make it more meaningful for Members.

15. 96% of staff support TMBL’s commitment to sustainability in the Annual Engagement survey – (up from 91% in 2022) and 92% believe this commitment is genuine.

16. Named Finder ‘Highly Commended’ for Green Bank of the Year 2023.

17. Named 4th in Best Workplaces to Giveback 2023. The Bank moved to 4th place from 12th, from 2022 to 2023 ranking ahead of ANZ for the first time.

18. Named Finalist in both the NSW and National Banksia Sustainability Awards for large companies 1 of 3 in each category.

19. Rolled our Reflect RAP 39 targets and actions.

20. Annual social impact performance results CUFA Children’s’ Financial Literacy programme: 6,265 children, 668 home visits, reaching 2229 students and their parents, 20 teacher training workshops, 183 teachers, 8 study tours with local community saving banks for 1000 students.

Top 20 Social Responsibility Results CY2023