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13 Years of Employee Engagement data at TMBL: Sustainability is the #1 issue

Published for the first time, 13 years of longitudinal TMBL Employee survey data shows Sustainability has been the #1 issue for TMBL employees for more than a decade, consistently ranking at #1, #2 or #3 over the period.1

The average support for sustainability recorded in employee surveys between 2010 and 2023 was 94.6%, a clear message from employees about what matters to them, offering an insight into their motivation for choosing to work for a purpose driven organisation.

Key data highlights include:

• Sustainability has consistently been the top ranking factor, recorded at #1, #2 or #3, making it the #1 issue over the 13 year period.

• Sustainability has been #1 in 6 of the 8 surveys, and #1 for the last 3.

• Each survey averages 75 questions; Sustainability has been #1 for 60% of all questions.

• The mean support for sustainability by employees was 94.6% between 2010 and 2023.

• The 20 sustainability questions over 8 surveys accounts for only 3% of total employee questions, meaning 97% of all other questions (578) related to other topics did not rank as high as sustainability.

The full employee data spans 13 years, inclusive of 8 all-employee surveys with a combined 598 questions, 3,177 employee responses, an average of 397 responses across 75 questions per survey, with 2 or 3 sustainability questions across an employee base of 540 as of 2023.

This report also summarises the key external business reports and analysis from leading global consultancies including McKinsey, PwC and Deloitte that assess the level of and value of employee engagement on sustainability purpose and values. These reports include; ‘The war for talent, attraction and retention strategy, employee engagement, satisfaction, value proposition, morale, motivation, loyalty, productivity shareholder returns, Gen Y and Gen Z demands and demographic change.’

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13 Years of Employee Engagement data at TMBL